Low Libido: How Can Men Deal With Low Sex Drive?

Medical Interventions

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone or estrogen supplementation: Replacing deficient hormones to restore hormonal balance.

In cases of hormonal deficiencies, supplementing hormones with tailored natural medicines can restore balance and improve libido.

Medication Adjustment

Switching or adjusting antidepressants: Exploring alternative natural medicines treatments or adjusting dosages to minimise side effects on libido.

Altering natural medicines to find a balance between managing mental health conditions and minimising sexual side effects.

Managing side effects of other medications: Addressing medication-related issues impacting sexual health.

Addressing medication-related issues that may impact sexual health while ensuring overall treatment effectiveness.

Lifestyle Modifications


Impact on overall well-being and hormonal balance: Promoting regular physical activity to support overall health and hormonal regulation.

Regular physical activity not only supports overall health but also helps regulate hormones, contributing to improved sexual health.

Healthy Diet

Nutrient-rich foods for hormonal health: Emphasising a diet rich in essential nutrients that support hormonal balance.

Ensuring a diet rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that contribute to hormonal balance.

Maintaining a healthy weight: Addressing obesity-related issues that may contribute to hormonal imbalances.

Furthermore, dealing with these concerns can contribute to hormonal imbalances and impact libido treatment.

Quality Sleep

Establishing good sleep hygiene: Implementing practices to improve sleep quality and address sleep-related contributors to low libido.

The need to sleep is essential to our overall well-being, as sleep deprivation can also affect hormonal regulation.

Psychological Interventions

Counselling and Therapy

Individual or couples therapy: Providing a safe space to address psychological factors impacting sexual health.

Providing a safe space for individuals or couples to address psychological factors impacting sexual health, fostering understanding and intimacy. This helps cultivate relationship pillars in partners and improves sexual health in both parties.

Stress Management

Relaxation techniques: Teaching and implementing techniques to manage stress and promote relaxation.

Exercise techniques, such as deep breathing or progressive muscle relaxation to manage stress effectively.

Mindfulness and meditation: Incorporating mindfulness practices to improve overall mental well-being.

Incorporating mindfulness to cultivate awareness and reduce stress.

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